Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Where can I find good content writers?

Besides doctors and engineers, writers seem to be the most common species on the planet. Look at the abundant written word that garnishes the film, television and computer windows besides the print media. Never does a mall exist without a few pleasing words. Each speech or acting bit is based on writing besides the book world that crowds around educational and training institutions.

Among the many methods, advertising for writers makes a lot of business sense but in what form. Print and television advertising have a new all encompassing incarnation; the internet would reach where traditional media cannot. The nooks and crevices of online advertising would swiftly reach far and wide like the SMSs on the mobile!

Social networks are the most dazzling media. A business can hardly exist without social media presence and thousands maintain Facebook pages. Searching Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter would expose you to Content writers in India to suit your needs.

The important question is the specialization. Do you need content writer for a particular field like finance, parenting or automobiles? Now that we have narrowed down the search, better chances of success seem certain by looking in appropriate professional locations.

In house writers would always be better bets compared to freelancers or virtual assistants that are hired across the internet who partner you for the duration of the project alone. Would you experiment with oDesk or Freelancer and hire writers through the bidding process online?

Would you investigate Indian Freelance Writers and advertize your requirements, asking for sample writings from the interested? You would have to put up your requirements in a terse little advertisement with contact information. Sample articles would help in selecting a few who could then attempt a paid article before making the final choice.

You could of course submit to professional writing groups and many such organizations crowd around the web space like ants around the nest. WriteThings is one such company with a Facebook page that would get the work sumptuously done through a panel of writers. 

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