Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Various ways to check quality content of your website?

So you have the website set up at last after all that fuss? Would you ever forget the sleepless nights, designing, the images, podcasts and the videos, the domain name registration and advertisements on social networks? That website becomes ally number one in marketing strategy and the ultimate game changer.

The greatest component is the writing like in the newspaper articles! The web took off as recently as the 1990s. Something two decades old could not have developed too much. Does the website content measure up? Would it attract lucrative readership? Content writing service

Website content creation is tricky business, starting with the headings. Will it be enough to say ‘The World of Photography?’   ‘The World of Photography Beckons’ would be better. Since busy readers skim through rather than read, the content should use simple, easy to read words and concentrate on short, quick sentences that race through the consciousness like Formula 1 cars.

Besides spelling, grammar and style, is the content substantial enough? If it were medical information, can the content be trusted enough for readers to experiment with indigenous treatments?  Depth of knowledge can be expressed in little nuggets of information too. Get reviews done by colleagues and friends.

The Oatmeal and BuzzFeed websites help us realize the ingredients for good content writing; never an extra word but pithy, succinct verbiage that is delivered off the cuff, hard hitting but always lovable and sometimes hilariously funny.

The Home Page should be superb with attention grabbing headings, scintillating images and sparkling write ups. Let the content have fulfilling humor even if the page concerns traffic accidents or substance abuse! Regular updates diversify content. Provide space for reader comments and build links to social media networks. Avoid excessive advertising within the writing and elsewhere.

Original well researched content compels and carries the ring of truth. Is the content edited well without typographic errors? Finally, is the content aimed at the audience or at SEOs?
Lively web content combines graphics, videos and podcasts for better success. News channels need to entertain or the chaotic headlines may not be digested well by a media crazy audience. Time will tell concerning success and adjustments would be made accordingly. 

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